Dear Archbishop Blair,  

As a strong and committed Catholic woman who is a member of St. Thomas More Catholic Center at Yale, I am hoping that you will support the ordination of Women Deacons…. We need members of the hierarchy, like you, to send Pope Francis a message that American Catholics are supportive of women taking leadership roles, as they did in the early Church.  Future Church, in Cleveland, has done a fabulous job of keeping us informed about discussions both in Rome and in the U.S. on this issue.

I am a 75 year old woman who has taught religious education. I am a Eucharistic Minister and involved in social justice projects like the Homeless Hospitality Center in New London, The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut and as a volunteer tutor in an after-school program for elementary kids in New London.  I am in awe of women, like Kerry Robinson, who founded the Leadership Roundtable, and spends time in Rome getting the message out.  In addition, she founded Esteem to support and train college students to become leaders in The Church.  My graduate studies in Philosophy and Religious Education at The Catholic University of America allowed me to understand the development of Catholic dogma and some of the historical issues and lack of gravitas given to the scriptures which caused priests to deny women, (both lay and religious), a liturgical place of authority within the church.  

I am sure you will receive mail from others supporting our desire that you will champion this cause when you speak with your confreres at meetings both in the U.S. and overseas as well as in communications with Pope Francis.  Our time has come!

With hope and prayers,

Sandra Y. Rueb