Trending with Timmerie is a program produced by OC Catholic at the Diocese of Orange ChristCathedral campus studio for distribution nationwide thru Relevant Radio: 

Programming on April 13th, 2019, included the program host sharing an experience where a man leaving mass objected to the program host's  husband carrying a pocketknife visible in his pocket.  The man voicing concern had been accosted by a knife, so seeing someone freely carrying a knife made him feel uneasy. The program discussion went into how the man shouldn't had been so offended by the knife because men need to defend themselves and be defenders in society. And the program guest made a comment about wondering what the man would have said if he saw someone carrying a concealed firearm.  

The program host and her guest went on to talk about the need for boys to act out their aggression, because to suppress it leads to rage and that is the cause of so many school shootings and domestic violence as men.  They offered the observation that male primates have aggressive behavior and our culture suppressed aggressive nature in boys today. The program host and her guest both felt the zero tolerance in schools for fighting or aggressive behavior was bad because it suppressed the nature of boys. The program guest gave an example of two millennials, would not fight over a disagreement, but just get out of their cars and give each other "the finger",  because the way they had been raised in our culture without aggression.  The program host and her guest talked of males as being the transcendence of God, to destroy evil and build good. A Biblical example they gave was of Jesus saying tear down the Temple and three days He would build it back.  They also talked of the failure of boys to be formed, because there are too many female teachers in schools teaching them.  

With a society and world rocked by violence, especially the violence of weapons on our streets, is the voice of media, especially Catholic media produced in collaboration with the Church, to condone aggressive behavior as a solution a responsible message if we follow the precepts of Jesus who said to turn the other cheek, told Peter to put away the sword and love our enemies, whether we are male or female? 

The program noted is episode #157:

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(Note:Email and phone calls to Relevant Radio and OC Catholic and the Diocese of Orange expressing concern about the programming content have not been acknowledged.)