Deborah Rose-Milavec
FutureChurch Welcomes New Board Members

The FutureChurch Board of Trustees announce new board members, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Reverend Fred Daley, Dr. Shannen Dee Williams.

Women in Church LeadershipDear Vatican, We Won't Stop.

Synod final document contains many reasons for hope.

Justice in the ChurchDelivering the Goods

"In the end, this church will open to women’s full and equal participation. We are all doing our part to make that a reality."

Justice in the ChurchCardinal Tagle wears his humble heart on his sleeve

"I love this church everyday, but some days I am in love…"

Justice in the ChurchThe talk: and the importance of dialogue

Deb Rose-Milavec recounts her one-on-one conversation with Bishop Everard Johannes de Jong of the Netherlands and lifts up a few hopeful voices

Justice in the ChurchTough Questions

Cardinal Blase Cupich and others respond to questions regarding clergy sex abuse, LGBT Catholics

Justice in the ChurchFighting Back Against Hate with Love, Listening, and Accompaniment

Auditors Yadira Vieyara and Sebastian Duhau cut through with messages of listening, love, and accompaniment

Justice in the ChurchBrother Alois as a Model for a Renewed Church

His radiant love filled the room — a love that can only come from knowing and deeply trusting God and the God within each person he meets.

Who Drives the Pope Mobile Anyway?

Deborah Rose-Milavec reflects on the canonization of three new saints

Justice in the ChurchWhy Aren't Women Religious Superiors Voting alongside their Brothers?

When asked about women at the Synod, one panelist's "joke" sucks the air out of the room

Justice in the ChurchApplying Pressure

Deb Rose-Milavec continues to question Synod participants about women in the Church

Justice in the ChurchArchbishop Scicluna Fields Questions about Clergy Sex Abuse

Journalists eager to take advantage of the presence of Archbishop Scicluna, peppered him with so many questions about clergy sex abuse that Vatican conductor Greg Burke smilingly called for a new topic.

Justice in the ChurchSunday Mass at Caravita: A Homily that Heals

I left Caravita a little lighter and with a renewed sense that the Church can be a place of healing and wholeness

Justice in the ChurchYoung Catholics Are Speaking Up. But will Bishops Listen?

It is clear that if they seek a more vibrant church, they have no other real choices.

Justice in the ChurchSuperimposing Images

Even if the optics at the press briefings are superimposed to make the synod look more legitimate, what matters is who decides and what is decided.

Justice in the ChurchThe Prelates Come Marching In

Women must claim their full and equal place in this Church

Justice in the ChurchWe Can't Keep Quiet

Catholic Women Speak Network launches Visions and Vocations ahead of Synod.

Justice in the ChurchDeb Rose-Milavec Arrives in Rome to Cover Synod

FutureChurch brings its unique perspective to reporting on the Synod

Women in Church LeadershipPesky Women, Troublemakers, and Dreamers

They dreamed new dreams, healed old wounds and tenaciously carried forward the vision, even when it was lonely, so that the Church might be whole, holy and more fully equipped to carry out the work of the Gospel.

Emerging ModelsReading The Joy of Love with Catholics Who Live It

The Joy of Love has long been a way of life for many Catholics in many places.

Deborah Rose-Milavec

Deborah Rose-Milavec is FutureChurch co-director.

Deborah Rose-Milavec is FutureChurch co-director.