Future of Priestly Ministry
Called to Serve

A married priest talks about his ministry.

The Continued Impact of Fewer Priests

What does the shrinking number of priests mean for the future of the church?

Association of U.S. Catholic Priests Annual Assembly held in Atlanta

The theme of this year's AUSCP conference was "Peacemaking in Our Fractured Society" and focused on healing the racial divide in the world and within the Church.

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Urge Bishops to Implement Effective Programs for Priestly Formation

FutureChurch joins with the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests in calling on bishops to reform seminary education and formation today for better pastoral leadership tomorrow.

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A Rubicon Moment in the Catholic Church
Professor Michael Higgins
The Gift of Marriage to the Priesthood
Theresa and Anthony Padavano
The Future of Priestly Celibacy
Fr. Donald Cozzens
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Women in Church LeadershipDay 5 in Rome: A Day at the Museums

FutureChurch pilgrims receive a warm welcome at the Pio Cristiano museum

Future of Priestly MinistryCalled to Serve

A married priest talks about his ministry.

Emerging ModelsThe Future Practicing Catholic

How Younger Catholics Understand Their Catholicity & What It Means for the Catholic Institutions and Communities in the Future.

Save Our Parish CommunityNew York and Hartford Parishioners Persist with Parish Appeals

Over the past six months Catholics from thirteen dioceses across the U.S. and four dioceses in England have downloaded the free Save Our Parish Community resources from the FutureChurch website.