Justice in the Church
Delivering the Goods

"In the end, this church will open to women’s full and equal participation. We are all doing our part to make that a reality."

Cardinal Tagle wears his humble heart on his sleeve

"I love this church everyday, but some days I am in love…"

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Register for Power to the People Teleconference Series

FutureChurch's 2019 Teleconference Series "Power to the People: From Clericalism to Collaboration" engages us in conversation with experts on how most effectively rid the Church of clericalism, especially in light of the clergy sex abuse and cover up crisis.

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Power to the People: It Wasn't Always This Way
Francine Cardman, Ph.D.
Power to the People: The Lay of the Land
Thomas Reese, SJ
Millennials Speak for Themselves
Annie Burns, Michelle Maddex, and Russ Petrus
Other initiatives
Women in Church LeadershipDay 5 in Rome: A Day at the Museums

FutureChurch pilgrims receive a warm welcome at the Pio Cristiano museum

Future of Priestly MinistryCalled to Serve

A married priest talks about his ministry.

Emerging ModelsThe Future Practicing Catholic

How Younger Catholics Understand Their Catholicity & What It Means for the Catholic Institutions and Communities in the Future.

Save Our Parish CommunityNew York and Hartford Parishioners Persist with Parish Appeals

Over the past six months Catholics from thirteen dioceses across the U.S. and four dioceses in England have downloaded the free Save Our Parish Community resources from the FutureChurch website.