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Mary of Magdala Celebrations Lift Up Women Preachers

Women have been called to interpret and proclaim the word of God in every age.

Learning the Pitfalls of Complementarity in the Catholic Church

At the November Call To Action meeting, FutureChurch’s Deborah Rose-Milavec gave a presentation on the history and effect of complementarity in the Catholic Church to several hundred CTA participants

Louise Akers, SC, to Receive 2017 Trivison Award

Louise Akers, SC, has a wide, gracious smile for most everyone she meets, but she is no pushover.

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Save Your Viable Parish Community

FutureChurch's crisis kit contains immediate information viable parish communities need when faced with unwanted closure. It includes good and bad reasons to close parishes, how to seek immediate canonical redress, information about protecting parish rights, prayer and media resources, and where to get immediate help and support.

Power to the People: It Wasn't Always This Way
Francine Cardman, Ph.D.
Power to the People: The Lay of the Land
Thomas Reese, SJ
A Rubicon Moment in the Catholic Church
Professor Michael Higgins