2019 Pilgrimage
Day 5 in Rome: A Day at the Museums

FutureChurch pilgrims receive a warm welcome at the Pio Cristiano museum

BlogDay 4 in Rome: The Prodigal Who?

Annie Burns offers a new way of thinking about the Parable of the Prodigal Son

BlogDay 3 in Rome: Breaking Bread with Saints

Today, in a new way, I am thankful for the Communion of Saints.

BlogDay 2 in Rome: Yes, Patriarchy is Still to Blame

As the story of resignations from "Women Church World" becomes more complex, patriarchy still deserves a share of the blame

BlogDay 1 in Rome: Praying with Catherine of Siena

FutureChurch pilgrimage begins with a visit to Santa Maria Sopra Minvera, where Catherine of Siena is buried

BlogScarrafia's Open Letter to Pope Francis

"With the closure of 'Donna Chiesa Mondo' ends, or rather breaks off, a new and exceptional experience for the Church..."

BlogArriving in Rome amidst Scaraffia's Resignation from Women Church World

Russ and Sr. Chris arrive in Rome to the news of Lucetta Scaraffia's resignation from "Women Church World" published by the Vatican paper L'Osservatore Romano

Blog"Finding Crispina" Pilgrimage to Rome brings research to life

28 pilgrims set to excavate the evidence of women's authority in the early church, reap the rewards of ground-breaking research by Sr. Chris.