BlogInternational Catholic Reform Network Holds Fifth Meeting in Warsaw

Deborah Rose-Milavec reflects on major moments, insights from the fifth meeting of the the International Catholic Reform Network in Warsaw

BlogWomen Will Not Be Silent…Catholic Women Do Preach: FutureChurch's Response to Pia de Solenni

Solenni reasons that women are often better at preaching than priests, but “no matter how wonderful or how terrible” the priest who is in persona Christi with a soul “indelibly marked” and is given priority of place “by virtue of his ordination, not his moral character.”

BlogMy Call Story

It’s been the Word of God that has become my very core

BlogDay 5 in Rome: A Day at the Museums

FutureChurch pilgrims receive a warm welcome at the Pio Cristiano museum

BlogDay 4 in Rome: The Prodigal Who?

Annie Burns offers a new way of thinking about the Parable of the Prodigal Son

BlogDay 3 in Rome: Breaking Bread with Saints

Today, in a new way, I am thankful for the Communion of Saints.

BlogDay 2 in Rome: Yes, Patriarchy is Still to Blame

As the story of resignations from "Women Church World" becomes more complex, patriarchy still deserves a share of the blame

BlogDay 1 in Rome: Praying with Catherine of Siena

FutureChurch pilgrimage begins with a visit to Santa Maria Sopra Minvera, where Catherine of Siena is buried

BlogScarrafia's Open Letter to Pope Francis

"With the closure of 'Donna Chiesa Mondo' ends, or rather breaks off, a new and exceptional experience for the Church..."

BlogArriving in Rome amidst Scaraffia's Resignation from Women Church World

Russ and Sr. Chris arrive in Rome to the news of Lucetta Scaraffia's resignation from "Women Church World" published by the Vatican paper L'Osservatore Romano

Blog"Finding Crispina" Pilgrimage to Rome brings research to life

28 pilgrims set to excavate the evidence of women's authority in the early church, reap the rewards of ground-breaking research by Sr. Chris.

BlogDear Vatican, We Won't Stop.

Synod final document contains many reasons for hope.

BlogDelivering the Goods

"In the end, this church will open to women’s full and equal participation. We are all doing our part to make that a reality."

BlogCardinal Tagle wears his humble heart on his sleeve

"I love this church everyday, but some days I am in love…"

BlogThe talk: and the importance of dialogue

Deb Rose-Milavec recounts her one-on-one conversation with Bishop Everard Johannes de Jong of the Netherlands and lifts up a few hopeful voices

BlogFighting Back Against Hate with Love, Listening, and Accompaniment

Auditors Yadira Vieyara and Sebastian Duhau cut through with messages of listening, love, and accompaniment

BlogWhy Aren't Women Religious Superiors Voting alongside their Brothers?

When asked about women at the Synod, one panelist's "joke" sucks the air out of the room

BlogApplying Pressure

Deb Rose-Milavec continues to question Synod participants about women in the Church

BlogArchbishop Scicluna Fields Questions about Clergy Sex Abuse

Journalists eager to take advantage of the presence of Archbishop Scicluna, peppered him with so many questions about clergy sex abuse that Vatican conductor Greg Burke smilingly called for a new topic.

BlogYoung Catholics Are Speaking Up. But will Bishops Listen?

It is clear that if they seek a more vibrant church, they have no other real choices.

BlogSuperimposing Images

Even if the optics at the press briefings are superimposed to make the synod look more legitimate, what matters is who decides and what is decided.

BlogThe Prelates Come Marching In

Women must claim their full and equal place in this Church

BlogWe Can't Keep Quiet

Catholic Women Speak Network launches Visions and Vocations ahead of Synod.

BlogDeb Rose-Milavec Arrives in Rome to Cover Synod

FutureChurch brings its unique perspective to reporting on the Synod

BlogEverything's [not] Alright

Portrayal of Mary Magdalene a call to action

FutureChurch NewsLouise Akers, SC, to Receive 2017 Trivison Award

Louise Akers, SC, has a wide, gracious smile for most everyone she meets, but she is no pushover.

VoicesExcavating Evidence of Women's Authority in Early Christianity

Crispina and Her Sisters: Women and Authority in the Early Church will be published by Fortress Press in the Fall of 2017.

PrayersWomen of the Word Litany

Litany used for 2017 Mary of Magdala Celebrations

VoicesMansons's Remarks to LCWR in 2012 Still Important Today

In 2012, before the Vatican crackdown on the LCWR, Manson offered ideas about the future of religious life

FutureChurch NewsCincinnati: Voices Speaking Continues to Work for Women's Equality in the Church

One of the barriers holding women back is the Church's infatuation with complementarity

FutureChurch NewsVoices of Faith Welcomes Censured Sr. Simone Campbell into the Heart of the Vatican

It felt like Justice was having her day when Sr. Simone spoke as one of the panelists during the fourth annual Voices of Faith event held inside the Vatican.

VoicesSr. Mary C. Boys, SNJM, Reflects on the Feast of St. Mary of Magdala

Refashioning Mary as a repentant prostitute kept women from stepping out of their place

VoicesPesky Women, Troublemakers, and Dreamers

They dreamed new dreams, healed old wounds and tenaciously carried forward the vision, even when it was lonely, so that the Church might be whole, holy and more fully equipped to carry out the work of the Gospel.

FutureChurch NewsMary of Magdala's Memorial Raised to Feast

FutureChurch's Campaign to Reclaim the True Mary of Magdala a movement from defamation to feast day

VoicesReaping the Fruits of Decades of Work Advocating for Mary of Magdala

Sr. Chris Schenk, CSJ reflects on the elevation of St. Mary of Magdala's memorial to a feast day.

AnalysisA Proper Feast Day

Why/how elevating the memorial of Mary of Magdala matters

VoicesReading The Joy of Love with Catholics Who Live It

The Joy of Love has long been a way of life for many Catholics in many places.

FutureChurch NewsFirst Ever Retreat for Women Discerning a Call to the Diaconate

FutureChurch Convenes the First Ever Retreat for Women Discerning a Call to the Permanent Diaconate

FutureChurch NewsLet’s Build It Together: A Church for Our Daughters Invites U.S. Bishops to Dialogue

A Church for Our Daughters campaign Invites U.S.Bishops to dialogue on alarming trend facing the Church.

VoicesGender Justice in the Church

A journey of discovery teaches lessons of worthiness and empowerment for a young woman in the Church.

VoicesWhat the Mary Project Means to Me

Judith Davis reflects upon FutureChurch's goal of rediscovering Mary's message for today in the Mary of Nazareth project.

FutureChurch NewsCelebrating the First Feast of St. Mary of Magdala

FutureChurch celebrates the first Feast of St. Mary of Magdala building on the theme of "a Church for Our Daughters."

AnalysisDoes a papal decree matter for the inclusion of women? Yes!

Pope Francis issued a new decree stating that women should be included in foot washing rites held on Holy Thursday. 

FutureChurch NewsVoices of Faith: Opening New Doors for Women’s Leadership Inside the Vatican

Voices of Faith envisions a church and a world that fully recognizes and embraces the gifts, talents and leadership of women.

FutureChurch NewsFutureChurch, Association of U.S. Catholic Priests to Host International Conference of Priest Associations and Reform Organizations

FutureChurch and the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests will host the Third International Conference of Priest Associations and Reform Organizations

AnalysisCommission to Study Women Deacons Strikes Gender Balance, Names Phyllis Zagano

Names of the members of the Commission to Study Women Deacons have been announced; equal numbers of men and women will serve.

FutureChurch NewsFather Charles Curran, Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher Featured at 26th Annual Fall Event

Father Charles Curran and Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher addressed FutureChurch supporters at 26th Annual Fall Event.

FutureChurch NewsWomen Witnesses of Mercy Enter into the Chaos and Reveal God’s Mercy

In response to Pope Francis's announcement of a Jubilee Year of Mercy, FutureChurch introduced their Women Witnesses of Mercy series.

FutureChurch NewsFutureChurch Expands Teleconference Series

In 2016, FutureChurch expanded its teleconference series focusing on the restoration of women to the permanent diaconate and the challenge the Church faces as younger Catholics walk away in greater numbers.

PrayersChurch for Our Daughters Liturgy of the Word

Liturgy of the Word lifts up voices of women in history, today, and tomorrow while praying for a Church for our daughters.

FutureChurch NewsMary of Magdala Celebrations: A History

Marie Graf looks back at the beginnings of the movement to reclaim Mary of Magdala.