Women Religious
Voices of Faith Event Calls on Women Religious to Speak Out

Women religious from around the world had a chance to tell their stories of struggle and hope at the October 4 Voices of Faith Event.

BlogFutureChurch Remembers with Gratitude the Life and Work of Sr. Kate Kuenstler

Once told that she had “little to no chance of winning” parish closure cases, Sr. Kate developed strategies that broke new ground in defending parish rights.

BlogWhy Aren't Women Religious Superiors Voting alongside their Brothers?

When asked about women at the Synod, one panelist's "joke" sucks the air out of the room

FutureChurch NewsLouise Akers, SC, to Receive 2017 Trivison Award

Louise Akers, SC, has a wide, gracious smile for most everyone she meets, but she is no pushover.

AnalysisLay Ecclesial Ministry is Backbone of the Church

Of nearly 40,000 lay ministers, 66 percent are women.

VoicesMansons's Remarks to LCWR in 2012 Still Important Today

In 2012, before the Vatican crackdown on the LCWR, Manson offered ideas about the future of religious life

FutureChurch NewsVoices of Faith Welcomes Censured Sr. Simone Campbell into the Heart of the Vatican

It felt like Justice was having her day when Sr. Simone spoke as one of the panelists during the fourth annual Voices of Faith event held inside the Vatican.

VoicesPesky Women, Troublemakers, and Dreamers

They dreamed new dreams, healed old wounds and tenaciously carried forward the vision, even when it was lonely, so that the Church might be whole, holy and more fully equipped to carry out the work of the Gospel.

VoicesReading The Joy of Love with Catholics Who Live It

The Joy of Love has long been a way of life for many Catholics in many places.

FutureChurch NewsWomen Witnesses of Mercy Enter into the Chaos and Reveal God’s Mercy

In response to Pope Francis's announcement of a Jubilee Year of Mercy, FutureChurch introduced their Women Witnesses of Mercy series.